Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen Best movies to watch on Netflix

 Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen Best movies to watch on Netflix

Hello movie fans, Welcome again. Feeling confused? Are you confused about which movie to watch? Today after a long time we are here to present you the list of Best movies to watch on Netflix. In this list we have mixed both old and new mind blowing movies to watch in 2021 in or list of Top 7 hollywood evergreen best movies

So, I am here to solve the dilemma of which best movie to watch on Netflix right now. So, without wasting any time let's start.

List of Best movies to watch on Netflix- Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen best movies:

7. Around the World in 80 Days:

Director : Frank Coraci

Cast : Jackie Chan

: Steve Coogan

: Cécile de France

: Jim Broadbent

: Karen Mok

Release Date : 16 June 2004

If you are born in the 90's with a gone mixture of movie craze then you might have heard the name Around the World in 80 Days. It is one of the masterpieces at a time based on the 1873 novel of Jules Verne, named "Around the World in 80 Days". It is also a remake of the movie of the same name in 1956.

The movie plot depicts the picture of the nineteenth century and the invention of the Flying Machine. The film centers around Phileas Fogg (Coogan) who claims himself as an inventor and puts himself in a challenge to travel the world in only 80 Days, which shocks everyone as no flying machines were invented till then. If you love adventure you probably don't want to miss this epic movie. So, we have enlisted this film in our list of Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen movies and a must watch movies on Netflix right now. You can watch the movie on Youtube or on Click Here to Watch.

6. Robinson Crusoe:

Director : Rod Hardy

                        : George T. Miller

        Cast        : Pierce Brosnan

              : William Takaka

                        : Polly Walker

                        : Ian Hart

                        : James Frain

                        :   Damian Lewis

                        :  Martin Grace

Release Date : June 12,1997

To put this movie on the 6th number on our list of Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen Best movies to watch on Netflix is because of its epic adventure journey and how a man survive alone on an island for days. It shows the human survival instinct. Its hardship to survive alone in a remote island cut off from the world based on the novel of Daniel Defoe on the same name published on 1719. This is an another epic blockbuster adventure movies not to miss if you are a hardcore movie lover. Click to watch here.

Now, guess the movie in the list of Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen best movies.

5. John Carter:

Director : Andrew Stanton

Cast : Taylor Kitsch

: Zynn Collins

: Willem Dafoe

: Mark Strong

: James Purefoy

Release Date:
9th March, 2012

John Carter is based on the novel A Princess of Mars by Edgar Burroughs, released in 2012 this movie is a masterpiece alone produced by Walt Disney pictures.

        John Carter is a mind blowing sci-fi, fantasy movie, which shows how John Carter was teleported to Mars and married the Princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris. The movie also shows the Civil War situation in Mars between two red martian cities Helium and Zodanga. The story and the characters and their adventures are displayed in such a way that such a movie tanked in the box office and this becomes the reason for Disney's cancellation of its sequel. The main obvious reason for its flop was this movie was ahead of its time and poor marketing strategy and trailer breakdown.

         You will enjoy every inch of this movie and I bet you won't regret it. Watch the movie for free on YouTube or Click Here to Watch John Carter

4. Interstellar:

Director : Christopher Nolan

Cast : Matthew McConaughey

: Anne Hathaway

: Jessica Chastain

: Bill Irwin

: Ellen Burstyn

: Michael Caine

Release Date : 7 November 2014

This movie is mainly based on relativity, time and gravity to carry on the audience to a wonderful journey of space and its complexities. Imagine if in the future Earth becomes uninhabitable and you pilot a spacecraft with a team of researchers to find a new earth.


       This movie revolves around this theme. It's one of the best blockbuster movies of Christopher Nolan. It's one of the best and most popular sci-fi movies of all time and has bagged number four in the list of Top 7 Hollywood Evergreen best Movies to watch on Netflix. Watch the movie for free on YouTube or click here to watch.Intersteller  

3. Titanic

Director : James Cameron

Cast : Leonardo De Caprio

: Kate Winslet

: Billy Zane

: Kathy Bates

: Frances Fisher

: Bernard Hill

       : Jonathan Hyde

: Danny Nucci

: David Warner

: Bill Paxton

Release Date : 1 November 1997

The most expensive film made at that time with a whopping amount of $200 million.

After its release it bagged several critical and commercial successes and became one of the most successful movies in the career of James Cameron. Titanic was the first film to achieve the feat of crossing the Billion Dollar Peak with an initial worldwide gross of around $1.84 Billion.

Inspired from the real incident "Titanic" which happened on 14th April,1912 Director James Cameron portrays the incident in such a vial and peculiar way, its applause worthy.

With an emotional mixture of love and sacrifice this movie is a gem to the eye. You might not want to miss this movie, click here to watch the movie free on YouTube or watch Titanic here.


2. Avatar :

Director : James Cameron

Cast : Sam Worthington

:  Zoe Saldana

: Stephen Lang

:  Michelle Rodriguez

:  Sigourney Weaver 


Release Date : 10 December 2009

No Wonder ! If you search this movie named "avatar" on Google you will instantly get more than 2 Billion results in less than a second.

Yes, You Heard it right. It's that massive crossing the whooping 1billion mark in just 19 Days after its initial release. On January 31st, it crossed the 2 billion mark . Just after 47days of its domestic release it crossed Titanic to become the highest grossing film of all time till Avengers: End Game. Don't forget to watch the trailer of the new marvel movie Spider-man: No way Home.

In this movie the director: James Cameron portrays the future earth in 2154,due to the energy crisis on Earth Humans start exploring space and find a valuable mineral " Unobtanium" on Pandora, a small moon in Alpha Centauri orbiting a fictional planet Polyphemus. 

Pandora is inhabited by the Na' vi, a blue skin tall species that live in harmony till the humans interfere using a Na' vi human hybrid called "Avatars". Later, the movie shows the battle between humans and Na' vi and how Jake, the main character and the humans-hybrid Avatar, tried to save Pandora and at last all were sent back to Earth and Jake became an avatar.

The Director and the avatar's team had worked years to built this eye mongering masterpiece which will always remain in the list of Top Evergreen Hollywood movies of all time. This is such a feat where no other director had received and is really praiseworthy.

Impressed by the success of the movie 'Avatar' the director, James Cameron announced 4 more sequels for this movie namely, Avatar 2,Avatar 3, Avatar 4 but due to Covid-19 Pandemic it got delayed and Avatar 2 was scheduled to release on the month of December,2022.

   Click here to watch this epic masterpiece Avatar


1. The GodFather :

Director : Francis Ford Coppola

Cast : Marlon Brando

: Al Pacino

: James Caan

: Richard Castellano

: Robert Duvall

: Sterlin Hayden

       : John Marley

: Richard Conte

Release Date : 14 March 1972

Winning 3 Academy Awards and 7 Oscar nominations, this is one of the best and most influential films ever made in the Gangster Genre. Inspired by the novel The Godfather, Paramount Pictures obtained the rights of the novel for an amount of $80,000 after the production started. Later the film was released on march 24,1972 after achieving so much success and appreciation this film released two films The GodFather II (1974) and The Godfather III(1990).

It will definately be an awesome movie to watch and bagged the number 1 list of Top 7 Evergreen best movies to watch on Netflix.

This is it Guys I hope I have cleared the issue of What are the top 7 hollywood evergreen best movies to watch on Netflix. I hope you enjoyed . Let us know if we missed any awesome movies on our Top 7 Hollywood evergreen best movies list.

These movies are all completely our own opinion and i bet you won't regret and all these movie will be entertaining and time worthy to a die hard fan like you

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