Top 3 Business Movie inspired from real life


Hello Readers !! If you are wondering, are there any business movies inspired from real life ? Then, Here we are with a list of Top 3 business movies inspired from real life.

3. The Social Network:

Director : David Fincher

the social network movie poster

Cast : Jesse Eisenberg

: Andrew Garfield

: Justin Timberlake

: Armie Hammer

: Max Minghella

Release Date : 12 November 2010

: 1 October 2010 (U.S)

Do you know, what is Facebook? I probably wonder there might any person who don't know Facebook. Yes, its the Giant Social Networking site found by top class celebrity Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin of course. Forming such a giant business is not a piece of cake. There of course were lots of hardships and failure. So, to show his journey and all his struggle Director David Fincher as made a biography drama film of Mark Zuckerberg known as "The Social Network". 

mark zuckerberg the social network

It was mainly adapted from Ben Mezrich's 2009 book "The Accidental Billionaire".

The social network movie image

This movie takes us on an adventerous journey to development of Facebook and its popularity extended overtime from Harvard University to Yale to Stanford and later on to the world. It also shows all the lawsuits and how Mark Zuckerberg overcomes this in the initial stage of the development of Facebook. It is one of the best business movie to treat your eye if you need motivation. 

So, next in our list of Top 3 business movies inspired from real life is:

2. Steve Jobs:

Director : Danny Boyle

steve jobs image

Written By : Aaron Sorkin

Cast : Michael Fassbender

: Kate Winslet

: Seth Rogen

: Jeff Daniels

        Release Date    : 23 Oct 2015

Based on the book "Steve Jobs" by Walter Issacson 'Steve Jobs' is a biographical drama film by director Danny Boyle, on the life story of one and only the founder of "Apple Inc" - Steve Jobs.

steve jobs image worlduonline

Development of the movie began in 2011 after acquiring the rights of the Issacson's book and was released in 2015.

This movie is a treat for the eye begging a name in the list of Top 3 business movie inspired from real life. The movie shows how Steve Jobs introduced his first Apple computer and co-founded Apple along with Steve Wozniak.

steve jobs movie image

This movie revolves around how Steve Jobs despite his failure from this great IT Giant of the century "Apple". This movie shows the physical, emotional and financial struggles which he face at the initial days of Apple Inc. How he was fired from his own company and replaced by John Sculley. And later how in 1986 he founded his new company NeXT and later on how Apple bought NeXT and replaced Steve Jobs as CEO.

If you are an Apple fan and want to know how an small company become one of the leading giant in the industry, don't miss this mind blowing movie, Steve Jobs.

1. The Founder:

Director : John Lee Hancock

Cast : Michael Keaton 

: Nick Offerman 

: John Carroll Lynch

Release Date : 7 December 2016

: 20 January 2017 (US)

McDonald! That's enough to name it! The biggest fast-food restaurant chain with an annual turnover of more than US$ 21.0 billion, founded in 1940 as a restaurant by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Later in 1955, Ray Kroc, a businessman saw the potential in the company and joined the company as a franchise agent to make the company international and later on brought the company from the McDonald brothers.

the founder movie initial stage image

This movie revolves around Ray Kroc in 1954 when he was a travelling milkshake machine salesman livind comfortably with his wife, Ethel in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Later in the movie it shows how Ray Kroc met the two McDonald brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald in their restaurant in San Bernardino, California and astound by the fast service, high quality food and employee's strong work ethic.


Later, this movie shows how he persuade McDonald brothers to opt in for the franchise model and succeed. Later how he brought this restaurant chain for $2.7 million ($26 million in 2020)

It shows the overall growth of McDonald from the past eight years or how a small restaurant with its quality and good service and with proper organized strategies has become such a huge fast food restaurant chain of the century feeding over 1 % population on Earth.

This wits definitely an eye opener movie. Don't forget to watch" The Founder".

This is it! Guys, This is the list of Top 3 Business movies inspired from real life. All these individuals have something in common, they are focused and goal-oriented which justifies the secret of achieving such a feat. So, I hope you guys will definitely like it. Don't forget to share to motivate someone in your circle.

Let us know which movie you have liked the most in the comments.

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